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Homodachi is a new kind of location-based gay social network. It's uniquely designed to help match its users to their perfect bar or club and connect them to people there who might share their interests. Are you a bear looking for an otter? Just ask your Homodachi. Maybe you're a Twink who wants to drink cocktails and dance? No problem!

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Made in Tokyo

Homodachi was built to solve the daunting task of matching people to one or more of the 600-or-so gay bars throughout Tokyo. With so many venues, catering to every possible type and taste, finding the correct fit for a night out is challenging.

Now, Homodachi is able to direct you to bars and clubs not just throughout Japan, but also internationally. Our hyper-local database is updated regularly by our team, ensuring our listings are accurate. Reviews are provided, as well as information about things like table charges, drink cost, dress code, and the langauges whcih are spoken.